Why should I use 24/7 Sign In?

Educators are often asked to produce data to support their efforts, and keep a log of all meetings held with parents, students, faculty staff, and stakeholders. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Easy to use sign-in sheets for your students and non-student visitors.
  • Free basic service for all educators.
  • Access your account & data 24/7 from anywhere
  • Information entered is encrypted to maximize the security of your data.
  • Your visitors can use almost any internet enabled device to sign-in.
  • Information is securely stored and accessible only by the account holder.
  • Individuals can sign in on a registered computer or their own device.
  • Immediately see who has signed in and is waiting to see you.
  • Tightly control which registered device can be used for sign-ins.
  • Enable sign-ins from a remote location where there is no registered computer.
  • Get real time access to visitor's information, and the reason for their visit.
  • Small or large groups can sign in simultaneously.
  • Create an electronic 'Meeting' sign-in sheet for meeting participants.
  • Close the sessions that have ended, or keep open those that need a follow-up.
  • Use the date and time stamp of each session to account for your time.
  • Update sign in details during the meeting or at any time afterwards by entering notes and/or using the pre-generated service form.
  • Use 'Look Up' or 'Advance Look Up' to find previous visitors.
  • Send your survey electronically and view the feedback on your dashboard.
  • Download reports depicting all of your sessions, meeting, and data entered.
  • Save paper, ink, time, & make a positive difference by reducing your carbon footprint.