Now that I have an account, how do my visitors sign in?

There are two main ways your visitors can sign in. You can select either method or combine them for greater flexibility.

1. Restrict visitor sign-ins to a specific device.
  If you want to limit where visitors can sign in you can register a device that is in your direct purview.
  • Registered devices are usually located in your office or a nearby reception area or classroom.
  • Virtually any internet enabled device can be registered (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Once registered the device remains tied to your account until you un-register it.
  • You can only register/un-register devices that you have direct access to.
  • You can quickly register or un-register with a single mouse click.
  • Once you register a device remember to logoff. This is for security reasons. The visitor sign-in screen does not require that you be logged in to function.

2. Allow visitors to sign-in using their own device.
  You can allow visitors to sign-in using their own device, such as a smartphone or laptop, through the use of your access code.
  • You create your access codes from the dashboard.
  • Each of you access codes is unique and is exclusively tied to your account.
  • You can give visitors any one of your access codes to sign-in.
  • Once the access code is entered on the visitor’s device, their sign-in information will appear in your account.
  • Device registration (see above) is not required to use an access code.
  • You can de-activate any of you access codes as needed. Inactive codes cannot be used to sign in.