How do I register a device?

Registering a device for visitor sign-ins is quick and easy. (Remember you must have physical access to the device.)

Step 1:
From the device you want to register login to your account by clicking 'Staff Login' from the home page:

Step 2:
Enter your email address and password. Click 'Login'

Step 3:
From your dashboard click 'Devices':

Step 4:
If this device is currently unregistered you will see the following screen. Click 'Register to Me':

Step 5:
The screen will show that the device is now registered to you.

Any visitor signing in on this device will appear in your account roster.

Step 6:
IMPORTANT: Remember to logoff from the device. The visitor sign in screen does not require that you be logged in to function.

Unregister a Device:
You can unregister a device by returning to the 'Devices' screen and clicking 'Unregister: