How do I access my visitors' information?

Step 1:
Login to your account and from the main dashboard click 'Roster'

Roster Screen:
The roster screen displays all of your sign-ins in a quick and easy format. You can control what is displayed and alter the status of any sign in:

  • Sign-ins are grouped by school year. You can select any school year for which you have sign ins. Clicking 'Go' will update the display to show only the school year selected (1).
  • Sign ins are sorted with your open sign-ins first followed by the closed sign-ins immediately below. You can quickly close any open sign-in by clicking the 'Close' button next to that sign-in (4).
  • If you have a large number of open sign-ins you can quickly close all of them by clicking 'Close All Open Sessions' (3).
  • Clicking on any name in the list (2) will take you to the 'Session Maintenance' Screen (see below).

Session Maintenance Screen (top):

  • You can modify any of the visitor's details except their comments (1)
  • Add your own notes for later reference (2).
  • Check off discussion categories as needed (3).

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen:

Session Maintenance Screen (bottom):
When you are satisfied with the changes click 'Update'. The changes you made are saved.

You can modify a sign-in as often as needed even if it is closed (see below).

The Session Maintenance screen has three other options:

  • 'Close Out'. The sign-in's status is changed from 'open' (still in session) to 'closed' (session is complete).
  • 'Cancel'. Exit the maintenance screen and return to the Roster.
  • 'Delete'. The sign-in is permanently removed from your account. Caution: This step is irreversible.