How do I access my survey?

Step 1:
Login to your account and from the main dashboard select 'Surveys':

Step 2:
Every new account gets a basic survey, called the 'default survey'. The default survey is the survey sent to your visitors after you close their sign-in.

If you want to review a survey in your account click on the survey title in the list (1).

Step 3:
You can edit any survey as long as it has not been published. The survey is considered published when at least one visitor has received the survey.

Only active surveys can be sent to your visitors. When you are ready to start sending out your survey change the survey status to 'active'.

You can preview the survey at any time by clicking on 'Preview Survey'.

Step 4:
If you activated the survey the screen will show the status as 'active':

Step 5:
As soon as your survey is published the system will automatically update the survey's published status to 'Yes':