What are 'Downloads'?

All of your sign-in data can be downloaded in an Excel compatible format. This makes it very easy to work with your sign-in data offline.

Step 1:
Login to your account and from the main dashboard select 'Downloads':

Step 2:
Downloads are organized by school year. First select the school year from the drop down box. Then click 'Go':

Step 3:
After a few moments you will see your file listed in the available files section. To download the file to your local hard drive click on the file:

Step 4:
Once the file is downloaded you can load it into your spreadsheet:

Updating Download Files:
You can create a download file for any school year for which you have sign-in data. You can also update existing files as new sign-in data becomes available. Just select the school year and click 'GO'. The system will replace the old file with the latest information in your account.