Our school has a support services suite, which houses 5 School Counselors, 3 Social Workers, and 1 College Advisor. I would like to set up one computer for students and non-students to sign-in. Can this be done?

Yes, this can definitely be done. Follow the steps below to set this up:

  • Each staff member that will be using 247signin must register an account;
  • Once the accounts are created, they should each generate an access code;
  • Print up a registration flyer, which includes the name of each staff member and their corresponding access code. For example:

    NameAccess Code
    Jon SmithABC123
    Saly BrownD12BCA
    Jane DoeXYZ123

  • As visitors arrive they first select student or non-student sign-in from the 247signin website;
  • The visitor can then refer to the registration flyer and enter the access code corresponding to the person s/he wants to see, and submit the form to start the sign-in process;
  • The visitor enters his/her personal information to complete the sign-in;
  • Once complete, the system will direct that visitor's sign-in to the appropriate staff member which will appear on their roster.

Under this arrangement each staff member can see their pending sign-ins in real time and more efficiently manage their time. As each session concludes they can quickly enter notes and then close the session. The roster is updated immediately.

Visitors can sign-in using the device you provide (PC, laptop etc.) or use their own smartphone or tablet.

For any sign-in device you provide we recommend you position it at the visitor sign in screen.