How can I search my records?

You can search through your sign-ins using the Lookup function.

Step 1:
Login to your account and select 'Lookup' from the main dashboard:

Step 2:
Enter your search term. Click 'Find':

Step 3:
The system returns any sign-ins that match your criteria:

You can search on any of the following terms:

  • Last Name: e.g. Brown.
  • First Name: e.g. Jane.
  • Combination of first name and last name: e.g. Jane Brown.
  • Student ID.
  • Partial Date. e.g. 9/3 will return sign-ins from Sept 3rd of the current year.
  • Full date: e.g. 2014/11/11 will return sign-ins from Nov 11, 2014.