How do I set up a Meeting?

Meetings allow you to set up group sign ins based on a specific purpose. Once you have the meeting set up attendees can sign in using their own devices (smartphone, tablet etc.) with your access code.

Step 1:
Login to your account and select 'Meetings' from the main dashboard:

Step 2:
To set up a new meeting click 'New':

Step 3:
Enter the details for your meeting. If the meeting is related to a specific student you can enter their details also.

You can also assign a survey to your meeting by using the 'Survey Selection' drop down. Surveys are automatically sent to the meeting's attendees at the time you close the meeting.

When you are satisfied with your entries click 'Save':

Step 4:
The Meetings screen now shows your meeting along with its meeting ID:

The meeting ID is used by the attendees to sign in to the meeting:

Step 5:
You can check who has signed into your meeting by clicking the meeting ID:

Step 6:
The screen shows all the current attendees (1). When your meeting is complete you can close it by clicking 'Close Meeting' (2):

Step 7:
The meetings screen now shows your meeting as closed:

If you assigned an active survey to your meeting the system will automatically send out an invitation to all the attendees.