What's New

Rel 2.1.5 - 2016-12-04

Release 2.1.5 Changes and Upgrades (2016-12-04):

  • Dashboard Update - The dashboard has been redesigned to show sign-ins graphically using pie charts. In addition the results are by school year (selecting a different school year from the roster will carry over to the dashboard alowing you to see charts from previous school years).

Rel 2.1.4 - 2016-08-23

Release 2.1.4 Changes and Upgrades (2016-08-23):

  • Session Maintenance - The list of discussion categories is now hidden by default. Click 'Show Discussion Categories' to display.

Rel 2.1.3 - 2016-01-18

Release 2.1.3 Changes and Upgrades (2016-01-18):

  • Download Meetings - The download screen now includes the ability to download meetings.

Release 2.1.2 Changes and Upgrades (2015-10-18):

  • Download Student Sessions - You can now specify an individual student on the Downloads screen.

Release 2.1.1 Changes and Upgrades (2015-09-28):

  • Session time - The roster screen and downloaded files now contain the duration of each session.
  • Time format - From your profile screen you can select the time format that meets your needs. Either AM/PM or 24 hr military time.

Release 2.1 Changes and Upgrades (2015-09-13):

  • Phone Log - New phone log function lets you keep track of your phone conversations.
  • Roster - Roster list displays the sign-in type. Visitor, Meeting or Phone Log.
  • Non-Student Sign-In - Auto fill form if visitor on file. Auto fill student details when student ID is provided.

Release 2.0 Changes and Upgrades (2013-09-06):

  • Surveys - From Survey screen you can create your own surveys.
  • Meetings - Assign a survey to a meeting. Attendees automatically get the survey when the meeting is closed.
  • Roster - Limit the sign-ins displayed to a specified school year.
  • Meetings - Added 'Delete' button on the meeting maintenance screen.
  • Downloads - Limit the sign-ins in the download file to a specified school year.
  • Surveys - System keeps a count of the responses to each survey and displays on the survey screen.
  • Sign-Ins - Start and end time-stamps for sign-ins are displayed on the session maintenance screen and included in the download files.
  • Downloads - Redesigned download screen now shows available download files in the form of school years instead of file name.

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